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2 or 4 Door Jeep Wrangler Rental

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Hawaii Jeep Rental Video

We hope you will enjoy the Hawaii Jeep Rental video. Our spokesperson puppet describes the process succinctly and completely in one minute. It's a fun video for advertising and entertainment.

The Jeep and convertible is the most popular vehicle for rent in Hawaii. Hiring a Jeep affords you a sporty car and a convertible top. Two door Jeep come with removable tops. Get a T-top or soft top. Four door Jeep offer hard tops, T-tops or soft top.

None of the major car rental companies reserve cars specifically by the Jeep rooftop specified. You cannot book a Jeep with a soft top or T-top or hard top. We suggest asking the agent if a specific top is available. Rooftop style is not guaranteed. Agents are happy to issue you your preference if it is available. Just ask.

We are also frequently asked about renting a specific color. Again, sorry, cars are not able to be reserved by top or color, however car rental locations will let you choose from the Jeep available in their inventory.

We encourage our clients to survey the parking lot as they arrive and see what is in the parking stalls on the lot. If you see a red Jeep with a soft top you know it s available. Note, if you don't see it, that does not mean it is not available. Always ask. Some Jeeps are in the process of being released into inventory from the car wash. Agents are going to try to satisfy your request.